# install

go install github.com/yoyofx/yoyogo/cli/yygctl

# local install

cd yoyogo/cli/yygctl
go install

# Installation location:


add $GOPATH to $PATH Environment variable

# Commands

There are commands working with application root folder

# new

yygctl new <TEMPLATE> [-l|--list] [-n <PROJECTNAME>] [-p <TARGETDIR>]

# --list

list all templates


console / webapi / mvc / grpc / xxl-job

# -n

generate folder by project name <PROJECTNAME>


output files to target directory.

# such as

yygctl new console -n demo -p /Projects

# add (Not realized)

add code snippet to the file, filepath was for default settings.

yygctl add <SNIPPET> [-l|--list] [-f|--file <filepath>]


dockerfile / config / controller / job-handler / hostservice / startup / web-middleware / web-filter / grpc-interceptor

# build

build current working directory

yygctl build

# run

running current working directory app

yygctl run

# version

display yoyogo version

yygctl version